During the time of Jesus, many were looking expectantly for someone to rescue them out of their earthly existence. Despite the struggles of living, they desperately wanted divine deliverance from


Within the daily encounters that we have with others, there are often opportunities that arise that test our abilities. It only takes one situation or circumstance to show the true


If there was ever a time in life when someone or some circumstance made you feel cheated, or guilty, or even vulnerable, it is often very difficult to forgive. The


As many in society often look up to leaders, whether in their own town, country, or in the world at large, to make decisions that reflect their good intentions, time


As people often get older, their perspective on life tends to change. The appreciation for the little things becomes more important than chasing after temporary pleasures. Indeed, the value and


Problems at work, negative social influences, bad company – these can all be potential factors that lead to addiction. Many believe that addictions can be “cured”; however, this is not