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Maha Jesus is for those who seek the truth about Jesus and to know more about who Jesus is, His life on the earth, the words He spoke, the miracles He did over 2,000 years ago and even discussions on controversies built around Him. This portal will help you find the answers to the questions like ‘How can I find happiness?’, ‘How can I find good friends?’, ‘Am I right or wrong?’, ‘How can I get out of messy situations?’ and many more such as questions that bother us. Maha Jesus includes articles, blogs, videos, events and other resources that will connect you to life-transforming truth.

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I think it is very simple, according to me it is to seek God first and his righteousness. Life will automatically have meaning. Now I live to serve God and to care for people.
I have been looking for changes and work of Jesus into my life since he has entered, and the course in MahaJesus helped me to recognize more, and helped me to frame those changes into words.
Adeep Srivastava
Jesus died for our sins. If he had remained dead, one might question whether the penalty for sin had really been paid in full. Without Jesus rising from dead, the Christian message would be without meaning or value. I am free from sin and guilt because Jesus died for me and was risen after 3 days. So, I too will live forever after death.
grant-ritchie-jd2fqox3z_0-unsplash (2)
I have been looking for changes and work of Jesus and Holy Spirit into my life since more than a year. He has entered my life, and the MahaJesus course has helped me to recognize more. It helped me to see that the good changes in my behaviour is due to the holy spirit living in me.
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